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Getting started with ZYFLO CR® (zileuton)

A blood test is needed before you start treatment with ZYFLO CR®

Liver function enzymes can increase while taking ZYFLO CR®. One study showed that liver enzymes increased in 1.8% of patients. Your doctor will want to monitor your liver enzymes and watch for changes or elevations, a serious side effect of ZYFLO CR®. Liver enzymes can be measured by a blood test to report on how your liver is functioning.

Liver monitoring is recommended:

  • Before starting ZYFLO CR®
  • Once a month for the first 3 months
  • Every 2–3 months for the rest of the first year
  • Periodically thereafter while you remain on the drug

Patient brochure

Download a PDF of the ZYFLO CR® patient brochure

  • Helps you identify the signs and symptoms of asthma
  • Provides important information about what to expect during treatment with ZYFLO CR®
  • Explains how to take ZYFLO CR®

*See ZYFLO connect® Terms and Conditions